Resource Hunting (Farming)

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Relying entirely on your collectors for resources is extremely slow and oftentimes frustrating.  Farming greatly speeds up your game progression by stealing the resources you need from other players.

 The Basics
  • Make a choice and stick to it.  Never try to farm and trophy hunt at the same time.  If you are farming, trophies should be regarded as useless.
  • Keep your town hall outside and unprotected.  This will give you a free 12 hour shield and discourage trophy hunters from going after your resources.
  • Outside of the getting started articles, most of the discussion will be around town hall 7+ since this is where the best farming is.
  • There are loot bonuses and penalties based on your opponent’s town hall level
  • Keep your storages as empty as you can—if you have to hold resources overnight or over multiple days, you become a more attractive farming target
  • Plan to stagger your upgrades so that they end on days that are well spread out—you don’t want 3 upgrades finishing on the same day and suddenly have builders sitting idle due to lack of resources.
  • Be selective about what bases you attack.  Don’t be afraid to hit “next”.
  • Look for exposed, full collectors.  Occasionally, you will be able to farm significant resources without even touching storages

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