Clash of Clans: 2k the easy way (don’t pay!)

 Reasons why you might want a 2000 rating in Clash of Clans:
  • You happen to like the number 2000
  • You want to be the top rated guy/gal in your clan
  • It puts you in the top 1%.  Maybe you have a compulsive need to be in the top percentile of every single thing you do
  • If you do it without paying, it’ll put you in the top .001% of non-payers (I made that number up)
top 15k, top 1%!

There will still be nearly 15,000 people better than you

 Reasons why you might NOT want to get a 2000 rating:
  • It’s a lot easier not to
  • You just want to collect all of the decorations
  • You don’t want to attack other people’s bases…because it’s mean
  • You enjoy being in last place
Supercell makes a ton of money off this game.  The general consensus is if you want a decent rating, you gotta pay.  You need the extra builder(s) (more info on how to do this for free below), and how can you possibly save up enough gold to buy the most expensive stuff if people keep stealing it?  It takes forever to build an army – how can you wait hours for your PEKKAs and dragons to finish and expect to get anywhere?

What my base looked like when I reached 2k

What my base looked like when I reached 2k.  Just enough to avoid 3-star losses.

How to get there
Having this stuff will make life easier:
  • 4x level 5+ army camps
  • 5-star barbarians
  • 5-star archers
  • A defensive setup that can avoid 3-star losses @1500
  • Lightning spell
  • 4 barracks at level 2+
That’s right, all you will need are archers and barbarians.  There are plenty of other ways to get to 2k, but I believe archers and barbarians are the quickest and cheapest (elixir-wise) way to go.  If you are like me and don’t plan on paying to play this game, quick and cheap is good.

What about using (giants, goblins, wizards, etc)?  Why just archers and barbarians?
The reason why barbarians and archers work so well together:

  • They are super cheap and quick to build
  • They have affinity for the same target types
  • They don’t stand in the same place
This means they will support each other on the same targets, but won’t get bunched up as easily, which keeps them safer from wizards and mortars.

Creating your army 
You’ll need to be able to create 180 units.  That means 45 units x 4 army camps, which requires level 5 army camps.  You might be able to do it with less, but it would take serious dedication.  This is the setup I used.  You will need 5-star units to get past around 1900-ish, unless you are very good and very, very patient.  I wasn’t able to get past the 1850′s without 5-star archers.

Keep 2 barracks dedicated to producing barbarians and 2 for archers.  Always keep a queue of troops so that when you are fighting, troops are still being produced.  With this setup, you will end up with 100 barbarians and 80 archers.  It will take 16 minutes, 20 seconds to produce all 180 troops.  That means you should be able to get 3 attacks in per hour without spending any gems.

Deployment strategy
The basic idea will be to attack the least protected buildings in the camp.  We only need to destroy 50% of the buildings to get a star and raise our rating.  Since we are dealing with low hitpoint troops, we don’t want them to get bunched up.  Otherwise, wizards and mortars will easily take them out.

Step 1: Look for unprotected buildings.  It’s very common for people to place buildings at the corners of the map.  Deploy one unit to take out these buildings.  This is probably the most important, easiest step to follow.  Many matches are won by a single percentage point, so make sure never to skip this step!
Always destroy buildings outside of defensive range first

Always destroy buildings outside of defensive range first

Step 2: Deploy your barbarians.  Hold down your finger as if you’re going to deploy all of them in one spot, then drag them around the camp in a circle.  Start your deployment just outside of clan castle range.  If the clan castle is full of archers, it’s a race against the clock to destroy 50% before they wipe you out.  If the clan castle is exposed, you can attempt to draw them out and beat them down with barbs before launching your main attack.
What will take practice is learning where to concentrate your troops (move your finger more slowly over high concentration and non-wizard sections), and getting the timing down of nearly running out of troops at the completion of the circle.
Deploy your barbs, starting just outside of clan castle range

Deploy your barbs, starting just outside of clan castle range

Step 3: Deploy archers.  When the buildings are as exposed as they are in this example, your archers aren’t as important, but you will still need them to get to 50%.  In this example, I didn’t deploy them all, since I was confident I didn’t need to.  Any troops you can keep for the next round will save you time and elixir.  Up until the 1400′s and 1500′s, you can often win with 100 or fewer 5-star troops, which means only a few minutes of waiting between rounds.
deploy archers

Deploy Archers

Matchmaking:  Choosing an opponent
When choosing an opponent, look for those that have many buildings outside of walls, as in the example above.  Your archers can ignore up to 2 rows of walls, but ideally, you will want your barbs to do as much of the work as possible, without getting too bunched up.  Punching through walls is actually a bad thing.  It will bunch your troops up and make them prime targets for mortars and wizard towers. Keeping your archers alive is going to be the biggest challenge as you progress past 1800.

Avoiding the following defenders, in order of importance, will keep you moving forward.  Each of the units below will kill your 5-star archer in a single shot.

Wizard tower: level 6+.  Level 6 and 7 wizard towers will mow down your archers faster than anything else.  You can tell the level by the solid color (magenta = level 6, purple = level 7).   Avoid at all costs.
Solid hue - you're through

Solid hue – you’re through

Mortar: Level 5+.
 Mortars only fire every 5 seconds, but a level 5+ mortar can wipe out a large group of archers in a single shot.  Look for the thick gold ring on the level 5 vs. the thin gold ring on level 4.
Thick gold ring - nasty thing

Thick gold ring – nasty thing

Cannons: Level 9+.  It’s difficult to quickly discern the difference between a level 8 and level 9 cannon.  Look for the 4 gold posts on the base on the level 9.
4 gold posts - you're toast

4 gold posts – you’re toast

 Archer tower: Level 7+.  Archer towers fire more slowly than cannons, so they’re not as scary, but once you see 3 on the platform, they will 1-shot your archer.
archers three - you should flee

archers three – you should flee

The X-bow won’t 1-shot your archers, but it will kill them faster than a cannon or archer tower because of the extremely high hit rate.  Once you’re past 1800 you can’t really avoid them.  Once you cross 1900, you will generally be dealing with two.  Look to see if there is a slight pink glow at the top – if it’s black, that means it’s empty and can’t fire.
I'll be keeping you company at 1800+

I’ll be keeping you company at 1800+  

Other Considerations
Since this army is so cheap, you will most likely still come out ahead on elixir and gold.  This is a huge advantage over more expensive armies, and will allow you to continue fighting without pause and even earn enough gold and elixir to make some upgrades along the way.

To have a net positive day, you’ll need to win most of your matches.  In my 1400-2000 run, I won approximately 90% of my matches.  If you find yourself losing more than 1 out of 5 matches, it will be very difficult to move up.  Every time you lose an attack, it will take three 1-star wins to make up for it.  If your defense is taking 3-star losses, on average it will take 3 wins to make up for it.  This means you should protect your town hall above all else to keep from losing 3 stars on defense.   If you can manage to limit your defensive losses to 1 star, you can move up in ranking with just 2-3 wins per day, which turns out to be less than 5 minutes of effort per day.

I would recommend setting aside a few hours to make your final run from 1900 to 2000.  Trying to do it over several days will be a long, painful process, since defenses above 1900 are very difficult to beat.  If you have an experience like mine, 1950+ will be a struggle.  I personally hit 1970+ three times before finally breaking through.  How to get to 1.9k would be a much easier article to write.

If you haven’t yet hit 1250 trophies, you will get 450 gems as a reward for doing so.  Use these gems to buy your 3rd builder.

If you’re having trouble making the final ascent, you can always upgrade your army camps and simply use more troops.  

Using the lightning spell to finish off  buildings can make the difference between 1900 and 2000.  Make sure to keep close watch on how many troops you have left and the health of all of the buildings.  You must use your lightning spell before your troops die, so timing is crucial.  You don’t want to use it too early if you don’t have to, but you can’t wait until your troops die, because the round will end.  There have been several instances where I’ve gone from 46% to 50% at the last second by taking out a couple of nearly-dead buildings with a lightning spell.  If you’re skilled enough to leave 1 unit in your queue, you can take more time to consider where to use the spell, since the round won’t end until you’ve used all of your troops.

What Now?
It will be very difficult and time consuming to maintain your rating unless your defenses can handle attacks from high level players.  After I hit 2k, I went back to farming for gold so I could build up my defenses.  For me, farming for gold in the 1500′s is the sweet spot.  After that, I just focused on my defenses and am planning a passive (defensive) rise to 2k.  So far, I’ve made it to the 1800′s by just defending my base.  Once I hit 2k on defense, I’ll write another article on defensive strategies, if there’s interest.

Questions/Comments?  I’d love to hear them!

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  • Bob March 23, 2013, 4:50 am

    Great article!

  • Byron May 22, 2013, 4:41 am

    Thanks man! I honestly learnt a few things from your article! Very helpful! Thanks you!! Please do write something on a defensive strategy!!

  • Rey May 22, 2013, 6:13 am

    Hi Rudy, thanks for the tips. I’m currently with a lev 7 TH & army bases @ lev 5. All my troops are maxed at Lev 4 with one barrack at lev 9 & 1 at lev 7. It has been frustrating to see people with less than me to be 300 trophies ahead of me (I’m at 1275) I have 2, lev 3 wiz twrs, 2, lev 1 teslas, 4, lev 7 archer twrs & 3, level 3 mortars, 5, lev 7 canons & 2 lev 3 air defense. As for my set up, I have a big open square in the center with my storages, mortars, teslas & TH. & I have small cells all around it with canons & archer towers. My current attack strategy has been 4 wall breakers, 6 giants, 15 each on barbs/archers & the rest goblins. But with where I’m currently at with my base & attack strategy, I can’t passed 1300 trophies.
    I will try your suggestion & get back to you with results, let me know if you have any other suggestions for me. THANKS!

    • JAM May 22, 2013, 11:25 pm

      I’d recommend upgrading your mortars to level 5 at minimum. However, this guide is intended to *offensively* gain 2000 trophies, so your defense is bound to lose–hopefully just 1 or 2 stars. From your troop composition, it sounds like a basic farming type loadout. Giants and a heavy amount of goblins are for farming resources, not gaining trophies.

      Re-read the section about “how to get there” and “creating your army”. You will notice that level 5 troops are required, which means you need to be townhall 8.

      My suggestion to you is to stay at TH7 and farm resources to build up your defenses (L5 mortars, L4 wizard towers, L8 cannons, L8 archer towers, etc.) and then upgrade your TH to 8. At that point you can upgrade your lab, your troops, then make your trophy push if you so desire.

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    Definitely need an article of defensive strategy. I’ve been whooped twice in less than 12 hours (3 star loss) and they took loads of resources I was saving to level up Town Hall.

  • Darthbaz June 14, 2013, 6:24 pm

    Easiest way to check X-Bow is to see if it has a string , if you can’t see it then its empty :-)

  • beetstreet June 16, 2013, 10:14 pm

    it’s possible to do this with th7 and level 4 troops. you will need level 6 camps so you have a total of 200 troops. make sure all mines/collectors and builders hut are on the outside as wells as other minor buildings. use 2-3 archers against unprotected buildings first so your barbs will have less work to do. barbs alone can usually take out barracks, builders huts, spell factory, and labs. use archers against the collectors and camps. try to keep your cc and/or 15 archers to attack any weak buildings beyond the wall if needed. also, when you see your activated their 12-hour shield with a 40% destroyed, you can ease up the troop deployment and save some guys for the next attack.

  • Lpfear June 18, 2013, 3:47 pm

    I like the article and congrats on being able to do it. I’m currently trying this strategy and its working well so far. I just wanted to say that your base was a little under developed for your town hall lvl.

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  • Mikey July 16, 2013, 10:58 am

    Great Article.
    My son has been playing this game for 6 months and I decided to join him by setting up my own account.
    After 8 days I am already at 800 trophies and not yet one Gem bought !! Not that I am tight or scottish :-) but have bought my son gems on his account when he has good marks at school but I just decided that I would try and see how far i could get without purchases.
    Great game, probably the best on the apple stores.
    I am just wondering how on earth they can continue to update this thing to make it better ?

  • Heath July 18, 2013, 8:58 pm

    Hey. Im level 6 Town Hall and i am 1680 Trophies. My troops r only level 3 and i am trying to stay the best in my clan. I dont know if this is a good idea, but i want to get to Crystal.I saw a level 6 Town hall in Crystal 3. Please give me your opinion

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    Right now, the round will not end even if all your troops died, if you still have damaging spells on your arsenal. So, it can still be used to finish off dying buildings if your troops failed to get the 50%.

    I am using this tactic and it works so well.

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    I’d give that a shot, thanks man.

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    Wow this helped me more than you could imagine! I didn’t get 2k trophies, though, but this helped me get to th7! I was having such a hard time I was considering ragequitting! Thank you so very much

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    It works thank you for posting this ::::))))))

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    Thanks for taking the time to talk about this. I’m going to try it out i will let you know how it turns out. I am at 1550 right now with th8 pushing to 2000 ought to be pretty fun!!

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    Just got 2000 last night with only level 7 town hall. Lots of people leave their th outside the walls for easy kills. The next button only costs 380 at town hall level 7…

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